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Flying Island Journal 4.21

Dear Flying Island Readers:

Welcome to the 4.21 Edition of the Flying Island Journal! We have five contributors this month in creative nonfiction and poetry. 

Alyssa Chase's creative nonfiction work, "Shell with Halo: A New Orleans East Family Mystery in 13 Parts," showcases original artwork alongside her stunning and heartbreaking piece involving child sexual abuse. April marks National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Visit RAINN for information on victim services, public education, public policy, and consulting services. RAINN created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline, accessible 24/7 by phone (800.656.HOPE) and online (

Amy Ash's poem "Racket" and James Green's poem "Squeeze Play in Five Acts" explore sport as a way of reflecting poignantly on the human condition. Kyle Hunter's "Peach Tree on Winfield" and Norbert Krapf's "Flicker in the Dogwood" connect us loosely and beautifully to the natural world. 

Thank you for reading,
Flying Island Editors

Alyssa Chase: "Shell with Halo: A New Orleans East Family Mystery in 13 Parts"

Amy Ash: "Racket"
Kyle Hunter: "Peach Tree on Winfield"
James Green: "Squeeze Play in Five Acts"
Norbert Krapf: "Flicker in the Dogwood"

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