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Flicker in the Dogwood, a poem by Norbert Krapf


Flicker in the Wind

As my wife stands at the stove

a bird thuds against the window

and flops into the top branches

of the dogwood buffeted by wind.

Then a northern flicker with dark

dots on her light belly rights herself

onto the window ledge and looks

in at us looking back out at her.

“You will be okay!” I say softly as she

turns sideways looking at me. “You

will be okay.” She shows bright red

on the back of her head and black

eyes and spots on tan feathers. She

comes closer and closer to the window

to see and hear us better. She is calm.

Katherine lets her walk into the camera

eye leaving us with images of her coming

through our window before balance and strength

return lifting her back into her airy world

with images of us soaring away with her.

Norbert Krapf
is a former Indiana Poet Laureate.  His most recent of fourteen collections are Indiana Hill Country Poems (2019) and Southwest by Midwest (2020), both from Dos Madres Press. His chapbook of fourteen children’s poems, “Peyton Potter Rides His Unicorn,” is out from New Feral Press. This year his Homecomings: A Writer's Memoir will appear.