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Subject line:usage notification, a poem by Kristine Esser Slentz

Subject line: usage notification
account number *** *** 8187

Dear Julie,

We want to notify you that you have used 100% of your Daughter Anytime Usage Allowance with your Family plan for the service date ending on this Sunday due to religious affiliations.

Generally, should you reach your capacity limit for any payment cycle, your love and compassion speeds will be significantly reduced.

To view your usage or purchase additional emotional capacity, please visit the website.

Thank you for being a valued customer.

*Please do remember that the Daughter entity retains the right to end the unconditional contract anytime as well.

                                     by Kristine Esser Slentz

Bio: “Kristine Esser Slentz is originally from northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area, accent and all. She is a Purdue University alum that studied English literature and creative writing while working at the independent student newspaper, The Exponent. After college Kristine has written pieces in such publications as the HuffPost, Pattern, and Nuvo Indy’s Alternative Voice. Currently, Kristine is the Assistant Editor at Unfold and has published poetry in Sweater Weather Magazine and The Unprecedented Review.”