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Is Galoofah Greater Than God?, a poem by George Fish

Editor's note: May 5 is National Day of Reason

Is Galoofah Greater Than God?
by George Fish

Is Galoofah
greater than God?
The answer is
and direct.
So let’s see.
First, we realize—
even at his/her/its
very, very worst,
is still,
always and forever,
a Poofah.
And that’s wonderful.
God, on the other hand—
even at his/her/its
very, very best,
is yet,
always and forever,
merely a Wod.
And that’s
not very good
at all!
So there,
my Jod!

Bio: George Fish is an Indiana freelance journalist and poet whose work has appeared in several national and regional publications and websites, especially those of left and alternative publications. In addition to short stories and poems, Fish has also published extensively on economics and politics; popular music, especially blues; and humor. He also does Lenny Bruce/George Carlin-inspired stand-up comedy.