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Flying Island Journal 8.21

Dear Flying Island Readers:

Welcome to the 8.21 Edition of the Flying Island Journal! For this last edition before fall arrives, we have two contributors in poetry and one in creative nonfiction. 

We hope you'll fall in love with the language of each of the pieces as much as we did. From the sounds of hens mourning to the images of land transforming from summer to fall and the lyrical rhythm of a braided personal essay, it never ceases to amaze us how writers capture language for seasons, events, and moments in time and form them into prose and poetry.

We hope you enjoy this issue. We invite you to submit your poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction (link in the tab above). We publish new issues the last Friday of every month.

Thank you for reading,
Flying Island Editors

Liz Whiteacre, "Portrait of Mourning in the Coop"

Michael Brockley, "The Butterfly Garden without Mariposas"

Leah McNaughton Lederman,
"The Day He Sang"

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