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Trauermantel, a poem by Michael E. Strosahl

by Michael E. Strosahl

Little girl,
little girl,
wants to dance,
wants to twirl

Flit and fly,
skip and flutter,
hushed by Vater,
stilled by Mutter

But Oma would not mind,
Oma would not care,
Resting in the box upon the table
Should she dare?

To twirl her dance dress
under the black,
to flit her wings
under her mourning cloak

And wouldn’t her Oma smile?

Michael E. Strosahl is originally from Moline, Illinois. After moving to Indiana, he joined several poetry groups and traveled the state meeting many members of the Poetry Society of Indiana, also serving on its board for several years. Maik (as he is known) has appeared in the print version of Flying Island, along with appearances in the Tipton Poetry Journal, Bards Against Hunger projects, on buses, in museums and online at indianavoicejournal, poetrysuperhighway, projectagentorange and adaysencounter. He has recently relocated to Jefferson City, Missouri.