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Living Week to Week, a poem by Phillip Smith

Living Week to Week
by Phillip Smith

Relief is what I seek
ooofrom this dread destiny
oooof living week to week.

Make payments every week,
oooif only partially.
Relief is what I seek.

Creditors want to speak.
Why does it have to be,
ooothis living week to week?

Spending I cannot tweak.
No one can hear my plea.
Relief is what I seek.

The situation bleak;
ooomy stark reality.
I’m living week to week.

My pay is at its peak.
To get what’s due to me,
ooorelief is what I seek
ooofrom living week to week.

From Phillip Smith:My stories have been published by Jake Magazine, Inscape Magazine, Literally Stories, Chicago Literati, Comic Carnival Zine, Scarlet Leaf Review, and Dime Show Review. My poem “23 Years Sober” appeared in Measure: A Review of Formal Poetry. My stage adaptation of Stephen King’s novella “Rage” was produced in the spring of 1993. During my senior year at the University of Evansville, I was awarded with the William H. Gumberts Award for Fiction.”