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Lost in Art, a poem by R E Ford

Lost in Art
by R E Ford

I'm a broken man,” he says with a slur.
You're coming down to go places,”
she holds his hand. She's fragile too.

Wavering stars in the corridor of poetry—
I read the words and studied the music.
It made me feel too indifferent and distant.
People talk, I don't because I'm somewhere
in between places caught off guard by
the people who don't know the words
that shatter the margin of the self, he thinks.

I'm trying new things, not because I want
to or care to, but because when the beaten
down-ness of life got me, I lost it,” he says
as she pulls him closer. She holds his hand.

Good men suffer, great men get lost
in trying to become something bigger
than the talk of the town,” she kisses him.

R E Ford lives in Brownsburg. He just published his first book of poetry, Justified Dreainess (The Nymphs Lit, 2017.) You can find some of his work on his Instagram page.