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Best of Both Worlds, a poem by Rosaleen Crowley

Best of Both Worlds

by Rosaleen Crowley

Whether the sun shines or the wind blows
You'll find me on an airplane going home
Maybe you’ll find me on a boat or a bus
Whatever the object of my transportation
I'm on my way.
Driven by love or fear of losing ties
My vein is pumped and my heart is full,
After soaking in the views and renewing senses
My mind returns, and then it's time to reverse the sojourn
Back again, my other home awaits.
Two worlds exist and I experience parallel lives
The hairdressers, the coffee shops,
Friends and family equally shape me
Except for sea and sand, my days are similar
Mirror images of self and self, my world is my world.

Rosaleen Crowley's Irish heritage inspires her love of water, trees and open spaces. Her interest in poetry and drama influence her passion for painting.