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Crow Hour in Bloomington IN, a poem by Hiromi Yoshida

Crow Hour in Bloomington IN
by Hiromi Yoshida

That dreaded hour when they start flocking together—ruffling their black rag feathers, debris
      of the long winter days—scattering across the greying sky—intense with needless
      exclamation (raucous cacophony), heedlessly dropping scatological

calligraphies like Jackson Pollock scrawls across the sidewalks of Tenth Street leading to
      Crosstown in Bloomington IN.

Bio: Hiromi Yoshida has been described as one of Bloomington's "best writers" by Christopher Harter, editor of Bathtub Gin, and as one of Bloomington's "finest and most outspoken poets" by Tony Brewer, co-founder of Matrix organization. Winner of multiple Indiana University Writers' Conference awards, Hiromi Yoshida's poems have appeared in Borderline, Evergreen Review, Bathtub Gin, and the Matrix anthologies of literary and visual arts.