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A poem from Ryan Frisinger

words away (in three parts)
by Ryan Frisinger

words away

once upon a time,
i moved down south,

met a girl
who never shut her mouth,

so i finally had to
kiss her

words away.

words away, pt. 2

we crossed the world in
maps and pictures,

goddess shrine
was my bedroom fixture,

book of poems and telephones,
we were never more than

words away.

words away, pt. 3

until, the ghost and star
of both tattoo and heart

pointed north to where
a happy ending, happiness

in need of mending, happy
that it’s finally ending are only

words away.

Bio: Ryan Frisinger is a professor of English, holding an M.F.A. in Writing from Lindenwood University. He is also an accomplished songwriter, whose work has been featured in numerous television shows, such as America's Next Top Model and The Real World. His non-musical writing has appeared in such publications as Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The MacGuffin, and Punchnel's. He resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with his more-talented wife and couldn’t-care-less cat.