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A Weakness In My Eye, a poem by Jennifer McClellan


She whispers my name, invites me to dance 

in the Haight, where musical history thrives.

She says each street glows a different color, 

so lively, I’ll never want to close my eyes.

She promises peace to my Pisces heart 

when my feet touch the Pacific waves.  

She promises air so expressive and sweet

I’ll be lifted off my notebook’s page,

higher than the city’s hills to a place 

where possibility can mate with my dreams

to create my new life of art!


sick of making wishes on candles 

Wish You Were Here fills my head 

as our plane lands. Only a sad, inspired song 

like that can predict my mood as we sit close 

on the rocking boat, drinking wine on the bay.

I can’t take my eyes off the Golden City’s lights;

a weightlessness of birds taking flight

explodes in my eyes, and I realize 

San Francisco kept her promise, 

though I can’t keep a promise

to myself as I clip my own wings;

I’m not brave enough to stay.

Jennifer McClellan is an Indiana poet who lives with her husband, son, and two cats. She holds a degree from the University of Southern Indiana. She works full time and loves to spend her evenings writing. She is published in the Tipton Poetry Journal. She believes music and poetry are the heart of human connection and is thrilled to share her art.