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All This Chaos, a poem by Marjie Giffin

All This Chaos

Bricks are flying and folks are crying, cursing 
at cops who barricade the streets and chase fleeing
protesters with tear gas and faces masked
and buddy sticks raised with arms aloft, seeing
that the straight blue line pushes forward
against the masses they perceive as unruly.

Lest we miss the point of all this chaos,
the injustices pile up from time immortal
and grievances are rife with grief and tears.
Mothers have sobbed into dank, dark spaces;
wives and offspring have cursed their losses,
cried and begged for God’s saving graces.

Marjie Giffin is an Indianapolis writer who has authored four regional histories and whose poetry has recently appeared in Snapdragon, Poetry Quarterly, Flying Island, The Kurt Vonnegut Literary Journal, The Saint Katherine Review, The Northwest Indiana Literary Journal, Through the Sycamores, The Blue Heron Review, and the anthology The Lives We Have Live(d). One of her plays was produced in the IndyFringe Short Play Festival.  She’s active in the Indiana Writers’ Center and has taught both college writing and gifted education.