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San Souci, a poem by Mary M. Brown

San Souci
by Mary Brown
I am a large quiet bird
I am a newly washed window
opening onto the loveliest fog

I am a comma, a saga that needs
no hero, a long movement adagio
a mime, silver faced and unphased

I am a loose, gauzy gown

I am a giver unable to begrudge
anyone anything, sweetly disabled
by the others in this roomy moment

I am petals unfolded
species unidentified

I am an elegant cursive
ink looped in coos

Slowed, I yearn only for what
I already hold, arms unburdened

I am a casket, a pocket, a cup

I am a coin unspent
content just to be saved

Mary M. Brown lives and writes in Anderson, Indiana. She taught literature and creative writing at Indiana Wesleyan University for many years. Her poetry appears on the Poetry Foundation and American Life in Poetry websites, in Plough, Third Wednesday, Quiddity, JJournal, and many other journals and magazines.