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Falling, a field guide, a poem by Laurel Smith

Falling, a field guide
by Laurel Smith

For how long will you continue to listen to those dark shouters,
caution and prudence?
Fall in! Fall in! —Mary Oliver

Fall like the hands off a clock, knowing
your new name for the hours will alter
the caliber of darkness and light.

Fall like a star, so fast so far you imagine
the sky as song, words and tune so true
you can already sing it by heart.

Fall like a stone into water, ripples and
shadows, minnows and yellow leaves:
better than a wish, this stone
with nothing more to desire.

From Laurel Smith: I live in Vincennes, Indiana, and happily participate in projects to promote literacy and the arts. My poetry has appeared in various periodicals, including Natural Bridge, New Millennium Writings, Tipton Poetry Review, Flying Island, English Journal, JAMA: Journal of the AMA; also in the following anthologies: And Know This Place, Visiting Frost, and Mapping the Muse.