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City Coyotes, a poem by Norbert Krapf

City Coyotes
by Norbert Krapf

They say coyotes slink
all the way downtown
in this Midwestern city

and sleep curled up in doorways
of shops. I wouldn’t mind seeing
one as we have no dogs or cats,

inside or out, but so far it’s been
only rabbits and peregrine falcons,
one of which our cigarette-inhaling

son saw take out a plump pigeon,
feathers settling on pink roses.
Maybe at night when no moon

shines they trot past our door,
not satisfied with tiny chipmunks,
and take their sly unending hunt

elsewhere up and down dim streets
sniffing for larger, more appetizing
live meat padding in the dark.

Norbert Krapf, former Indiana poet laureate, has recently published his 12th poetry collection, The Return of Sunshine, about his Colombian-German-American grandson. He is completing a collection of poems for children and a prose memoir about his writing life, Homecomings.