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Hummingbird II, by Celia Latz

Hummingbird II
by Celia Latz
Astonished by an omen
When I thought
Hummingbirds were precious,
Avian unicorns,
one flew into my open door
But I did not know the pettiness
Of the hummingbird
Until after hanging a feeder
Filled with nectar
I saw greed and violence
In their little lives.
With plenty for all
One pushed another to the ground
Pinning it with her tiny

Celia Latz is a native Hoosier who has lived and worked in Venice, Italy, 35 years producing and marketing hand painted textiles and fashion. "I currently live in the historic German Village in Columbus, Ohio. After years of working in the visual arts, I realize my true passion is writing with an emphasis on the energy exerted to overcome barriers and repel negativity- energy that often goes unnoticed. The Hummingbird poems are a part of my collection of poems and short stories titled Ordinary Miracles."