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Stoic Dawn, a poem by Jessie Browne

Stoic Dawn
by Jessie Browne

Motionless morning—
You lie passively.
Do you resist or languish?

Under your dead-weight
Gaze, squirming, I feel
My exuberance falter;

Gently, joy abates,
Finding itself bridled,
Sheepishly going to ground.

Water quenches fire;
You are not the rain.
Stone hedges. The inferno,

Not slaked or smothered,
Burns stationary --
A moving picture, dancing

Light show, wild, denied,
Full of longing, and
Hungry to combust anew

From Jessie Brown: “I have been honing my skills as a music journalist at Indy Metal Vault and a memoirist on my personal blog,  Professionally, I am a chemist in the food and beverage industry. I live on the near Eastside of Indy in Little Flower with a spunky calico cat.”