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In the Poet's House, a poem by Terry Ofner

In the Poet’s House
by Terry Ofner
I saw wainscot of tin made to look like wood
and I traced my finger on it and followed her up
and heard notes as from a practice room
somewhere above—fingers on white keys

and black made to look like wood and the left
hand put down a limping bass line and the right
foot held the pedal and I felt the quiver and traced
a finger along it and wondered—can I be

like me? and the now answered with a mocking
tin-like song: “Can I be like me?” then I saw her skirt
disappear at a twist in the stairs—and the ghost
of piano forte made a sound like metal and wood

and I traced a finger to feel it and I saw her
follow herself up into the music

Bio: Terry Ofner has published poetry in World Order, 100 Words, Right Hand Pointing, Ghazal Page, Flying Island, San Pedro River Review, and forthcoming in I70 Review. Helives in Indianapolis and is an editor for an educational publishing company headquartered in Iowa, where he grew up—not far from the Mississippi River.