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Emily's Chamber, a poem by Jo Barbara Taylor

Emily's Chamber
by Jo Barbara Taylor
                          after lines by Sarah Edwards

Emily enters the evening
garden like a tide
that slips onto shore, awakens
sensual senses, reaches
beyond today,
erases yesterday, seeks evidence
for tomorrow.
Her way of
being in a world of interlopers,
and at low-tide, she leaves,
retreats from the garden shore
to sanctuary. In her room,
plain like a cotton bedsheet,
she writes, taut
words tumbling smooth
onto white linen paper, tucked
and folded in.

Jo Barbara Taylor lives in North Carolina, but is an Indiana farm girl at heart. Her poems and academic writing have appeared in journals, magazines, anthologies and online. How to Come and Go (Chatter House Press 2016) is her fourth book. She leads poetry-writing workshops through Duke Continuing Education, chairs the workshop committee for the North Carolina Poetry Society, and coordinates a poetry reading series for a Raleigh independent bookstore.