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Garage Fumes, a poem by Stacy Post

Garage Fumes
by Stacy Post

This poem wants to be
the grass blade of longing

when you pull out the mower
in Spring and see leaves

from last fall still
clinging to the deck.

This poem wants you
to lift the mower

and sharpen that blade.
Remove the dark

underbelly of memory
with unsteady fingers

as you recall our last walk
to the creek—

tiny pliant maples
sticking to our shoes,

how we paused to remove them,
held them up to the sky,

how we stopped for the colors
but not for each other.

Stacy Post is a Midwestern writer in multiple forms. Her poetry chapbook, Sudden Departures, debuted in 2013. Her poems have appeared in Quail Bell Magazine, Synaesthesia Magazine, Flying Island, Midwestern Gothic, Pearl, Iodine Poetry Journal and others. A Pushcart Prize nominee for short fiction, her stories have appeared in CHEAP POP, Boston Literary Magazine, moonShine review, Fiction365, Referential Magazine and others. Her short plays have been produced in festivals around the U.S. She works as a librarian by day and resides in the Indiana heartland.