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Home, a poem by Chandy John

by Chandy John

You fool yourself into thinking
That the place is yours
You possess the land and time
The little restaurant on the corner
Where the ladies smile at you
The eight minute drive to the airport
The bookstore owned by the local author
The time, the space, the clear blue skies
The sweet fall air
The blush of purple on the bluffs at sunset

But when you betray it by moving on
All of it moves on as well
As if you were never there 

From Chandy John: I am a a pediatrician, researcher and author whose prose, poems and fiction have been published in Sojourners, Phantasmagoria, JAMA, The Pharos, Annals of Internal Medicine, Journal of General Internal Medicine and The Michigan Alumnus. I live and work in Indiana, Kenya and Uganda.