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If Sylvia Plath Had Been on Facebook, a poem by Rosemary Freedman

If Sylvia Plath Had Been on Facebook
by Rosemary Freedman

If Sylvia Plath had been on Facebook
And Columbus had GPS
And Einstein had a laptop

They might have googled each other
Or become friends—
And Columbus could have picked up Sylvia
With her mussed up hair—
Wishing she looked like Gwyneth Paltrow
And had free tickets to Coldplay

He might have reached under her arms
And dragged her to his boat
Her heels digging in as he dragged her
Like the wicked witches feet sticking from
Under the house—
Under the house—
Sylvia was there once too.

He might have dragged her to a boat
Where Einstein waited patiently
With his laptop
And they could have Mapquested

To somewhere peaceful
Where poems are all understood
And discovered together
With the GPS
That the world is indeed flat.

About Rosemary Freedman: “I am educated with a BA in Creative Writing and Literature from IU and also have a BS in Nursing, as well as master’s level degrees and work as a nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist. I am married and have seven children. I enjoy writing, photography, reading and gardening.