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A reasonable thing, a poem by Treh Dickerson

A reasonable thing
by Treh Dickerson

the backyard is at ease
I stand on the deck and smoke

night clouds are white layered
on dark blue, I tap the lid

of the toy bin
looking for rainwater to smash

my cigar in
I snuff it in the bonfire, drag its good

length through ash until it unravels,
bends sideways,

I waste a thumbs weight
of tobacco

I hear crickets and the sharp echo
of dogs set each other off

Treh Dickerson: “After having completed my education and the acquiring of a second-rate degree in English I continue to write poetry, inspired mostly by anything that has to do with dutch mysticism in the 19th century around the cities and villages that comprised New England at that time, and black comedians (Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, etc). These poems are crass, reserved, usually follow a form and aim at the spiritual high of romantics. When they miss, they become honest, and when they hit they become sound-driven. 
                     “I write newsletters for a small company in West Lafayette, among other things”