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Ponderings, a poem by Bonita Cox Searle

by Bonita Cox Searle 

Ghosts sleep in ponds
And rise up in early morning
To haunt geese.

When fish think they are alone,
They dance on the surface
Of the pond.

Herons make no noise
When they catch fish

An unloved pond
Chokes on algae
And raises mosquitoes.

A loved pond
Feeds its guests
And invites them back.

Old man pond frogs
When they are awake.

When living on a pond,
Ducks and geese practice
A separate
But equal philosophy.

Ponds are as moody as the sea.

Autumn leaves fall
To the pond’s surface
To dance with fish.

Muskrats sashay back
And forth past
Dancing fish on the pond.

When a pond freezes,
The fish stop dancing and
Fall asleep.
Herons eat elsewhere.

A pond does not know
It is a pond.

Bio: Bonita Cox Searle lives in Noblesville, Ind.,where she writes poetry and short stories. She is working on a novel. Her work has appeared in the Polk Street Review and Flying Island.