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The Blueberry Hill Pancake House, a poem by Wendy Vergoz

The Blueberry Hill Pancake House

parking lot
on the East side
of town
is where
I picked up
my laptop
from the forensic
plus the flashdrive
of Lydea and
her girlfriends,
the pornographic
my husband
the pastor
had downloaded
onto my computer
six days before
he sent the letter
to his congregation
with confidence
that there is
our divorce.

--by Wendy Vergoz

Bio: Wendy Vergoz is an assistant professor of English at Marian University. Her poems have appeared in The Christian Century and Anglican Theological Review, and her poem "Unfinished, A Found Poem," written after 9/11, was read on the first anniversary of the attacks at churches in five different states. Vergoz participated in “Arts Kaleidoscope: Art, Poems, and Videos,” an exhibition of visual art and ekphrastic poems at Gallery 308 in Muncie, Indiana.