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Bashō's Pantomime Blues, a poem by Christopher Stolle

Bashō’s Pantomime Blues
by Christopher Stolle

blown wind smothers night—
moon cannot hibernate like
honey: bare thy bees.

II  Crackle

snow bleeds on tulips—
cold crystals undercover hues
sleeping: wake up, spring.

III – Pop

step toward memories—
anguish lingers quickly: break
through this verdant March.

Statement: “Poetry is what I write when I can’t find any other means by which to express myself. I still write almost all my drafts by hand because it forces me to consider each word carefully. I’ve been writing poetry for more than 20 years, and I’ve published poems in more than 50 magazines and three anthologies. But I still continue to desire to share my poems with people everywhere. You never know what difference you might make in someone else’s life—all because of a few lines of poetry.”