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A wickedly humorous poem from Leslie Lynnton Fuller

Smarty you roué
by Leslie Lynnton Fuller

Stop telling every woman you know
that you love her.

It’s like me saying
come get the pussy!
the ex said it tastes like banana!

cupid’s handyman, your week
spent on the run
you help women with puppies,
overheating car, malfunctioning toilet

all from the goodness of your heart.
my dear at this age
plumbing is foreplay.

give your ex’s son a tennis lesson,
she dreams you’re the new stepdad
never mean to hurt anyone.

daddy you’re the nightmare on Meridian Street
you do have your ways

when you kiss me,
you massage my
Superior Labial Frenulum
(under the top lip near the gum, I looked it up)
and pretend you’re doing oral

you can’t even kiss without being a tease

oh Smarty you roué
working that boyish charm
into your 90s and in the nursing home
staff will search room by room

see which bed you’ve landed in.

you’ll request a female undertaker
one last chance to vamp
stone dead with a smile on your face
knowing she’ll lift the sheet

Bio: Leslie Lynnton Fuller is an Indianapolis-based writer.