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Seeing miracles in the mundane: A poem from Mac Greene

25th and Central
by Mac Greene

cracked concrete, broken glass,
empty half-pint whisky bottles,
McDonald’s litter, dog turds,
a red condom with French ticklers,
wads o’ foil, a crushed crack pipe

here we find the unending search for transcendence:
          whisky, the sacred fire;
          cocaine, Freud’s magic key.
we find evidence of
          food, love, and man’s best friend.

a waist high field of chicory
grows over this abandoned lot
flowers blazing blue in morning light.
morning glories wrap the knobby stems.
dandelions peep improbably from cracks.

ants travel on their busy highways.
bees buzz and flies inspect.
starlings gossip.
pigeons thrust out iridescent purple chests
as they soar down to steal from
house sparrows who find seeds to eat
in all the grassy weeds.

Bio: Mac Greene has been a Hoosier by choice for the past 17 years, finding Indiana a wonderful place to raise a family. His goal is to become an "emerging writer," but for now he is keeping his day job as a clinical psychologist specializing in teens and gender issues. All day long he looks for the little miracles that add up to the big miracle.