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Flying Island Journal 2.21

Lisa Renze: "Drive"

Doris Lynch: "Intertidal"
Daye Phillippo:
"The Way Things Are Supposed to Be"
Michael Brockley:
"One-Button Man and National Gun Day"
James Green:
"The Weight of the Heart"

Elliott Scott: "Stormin' Eddie"


Flying Island Journal is seeking readers to join our staff. We care about representation and are looking to diversify our team and the work we publish. 

What is a reader?
A reader is an invaluable member of the editorial team. Readers help read submissions and recommend work for Flying Island to publish. 

What is involved? This volunteer position will take roughly four hours a month. Readers will be assigned between five and ten stories, poems, or essays per month, and will be asked to assess whether each piece is a good fit for publication in Flying Island. Readers closely collaborate with relevant genre editors. 

Reader candidate background: Readers will have some experience writing and publishing in the genre for which they are applying. Candidates can demonstrate commitment to the craft of writing in their genre, with priority given to previous IWC workshop students. 

How to apply:

  • Submit up to one page to, describing your previous writing and editing experience and one or two paragraphs as to why you are the right person for the position. (Resume/CV not necessary)
  • Mention any IWC classes you have taken.
  • Indicate whether you are applying to be a fiction, poetry, or nonfiction reader.
  • Applications Due: Monday, March 1st


Flying Island is the online literary journal of the Indiana Writers Center, accepting submissions from Midwest residents and those with significant ties to the Midwest. What we are looking for:

Fiction: up to 5,000 words
Nonfiction: up to 3,500 words

Poetry: up to three poems, no more than fifty lines each

We only accept submissions through Submittable. Click here to submit your poetry or prose. 

Follow us!
Twitter: @JournalFlying
Instagram: @flyingislandjournal

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