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Flying Island Journal 10.22

Dear Flying Island Readers: Welcome to the 10.22 Edition of the Flying Island Journal! In this edition, we announce our 2022 Best of the Net Nominees, share a poem titled "October," by Laurel Smith, and announce the guidelines for the Flying Island Short Fiction Contest. Links below! This will be our final issue of 2022! The Flying Island is taking a holiday hiatus for November and December, but we are still welcoming submissions for publication in early 2023. Inspired to send us your fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction? For more info on how to submit, see the tab above. Thank you for reading, Flying Island Editors and Readers BEST OF THE NET NOMINEES Congratulations to Carl Boon, Kevin LeMaster, Joel Showalter, and Liz Whiteacre. Read their submissions here . POETRY Laurel Smith, "October" FLYING ISLAND SHORT FICTION CONTEST Submissions open on November 1st! For more information, click here . Are you a writer who is from the Midwest or has close ties to the

2022 Best of the Net Nominees

Congratulations to the 2022 Flying Island Journal Best of the Net Nominees! "Assume America," a poem by Carl Boon "Carry,"  a poem by Kevin LeMaster "Letter from the Parking Lot," a poem by Joel Showalter  "Portrait of Mourning in the Coop,” a poem by Liz Whiteacre   Congratulations! Interested in submitting to the Flying Island? Submit here .

October, a poem by Laurel Smith

  October                               We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond. –Gwendolyn Brooks   Weary green makes way for every shade of fire:     limbs of maple, beech, and oak, shrouded all summer, now sway in a bright wind.   The dance of death , they say, but no one is grieving:     not the harvest moon, not sunshine on frostbit grass, not dreamers eager for the dark.   Let’s find atoms that we share, here in the raucous     foliage of you, me : essential as water or air, the bountiful mess of us. Laurel Smith lives in Vincennes, Indiana, and happily participates in projects to promote literacy, the arts, social justice, and public health. Her poems have appeared in various journals, including Natural Bridge , New Millennium Writings, English Journal, Tipton Poetry Journal , and Flying Island ; also in the following anthologies: And Know This Place; Mapping the Muse ; Visiting Frost.  

Flying Island Short Fiction Contest

Flying Island Short Fiction Contest Guest Judge: Barbara Shoup Prizes $100 prize for 1st Place $25 gift card to Half Price Books* for 2nd Place $15 gift card to Half Price Books for 3rd Place Submission Fee: $3 entry via Submittable (helps cover our Submittable costs) Submissions open on November 1st and will close on January 1st.  Contest Guidelines: -Word Count: 1,000 word maximum -Format: Double spaced and 1-inch margins -Please submit a short cover letter with a brief bio -Your submission should be anonymous. Do not include your cover letter with your submission. Please remove your name and any other identifying information from your submission. -Stories must be submitted via Submittable to be eligible. Submissions not chosen will be eligible for publication in a future edition of the Flying Island Journal.  About the Judge: Barbara Shoup is the author eight novels, including Night Watch, Wish You Were Here, Stranded in Harmony, Faithful Women, Vermeer’s Daughter, Everything You