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Punk Rock—A Love Song, a poem by George Fish

Punk Rock—A Love Song
by George Fish

raw a raging torrent angry defiant dissonant
a highfalutin word—cacophonous a rampaging storm
of music in three-chord rock format basic, crude,
beastly an out-of-control wildfire showing society
as nothing but a dumpster fire! angry and dispossessed
myself, no wonder I love it!

moved as I am by punk bands I’ve heard and seen live
Sex Pistols, raging protest, defiance of a corrupt society
they sing, “God save the Queen, the fascist regime,
we have no future” and they are right in this, the gig
economy with no secure jobs, only debt and despair
Joan Jett delicious birthday retort to a shitty boyfriend,
You need a trick, baby, buy it!” and in-your-face, “I don’t
give a damn about my bad reputation” Ramones, of course
magnificent variety over the course of years Detroit-to-Indy
Ricky Rat Pack surprising harmony and lyricism also Indy,
Hispanic punkers Fastidio raised clenched fist and punk lyrics
in Spanish Fastidio lead guitarist with his high-pitched solo notes
so much like Carlos Santana playing punk!

Roots back in British Invasion days, roots of punk in mid-1960s
Who and Kinks old but new always fresh I never get punked out!
society and its discontents deconstructed, exposed, by punk as
Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten sings, “We’re your future, your future!”
whether you like it or not, status quo for we are your future
confronting your future with our future—by an extended
middle finger!

About the poet: George Fish is a writer and poet living in Indianapolis. He also does Lenny Bruce/George Carlin-inspired stand-up comedy.