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Alice, Reinvented, a poem by Mary Sexson

Alice, Reinvented
by Mary Sexson

The buzz of technology chimes           in my sunroom tonight, lines
sizzle and connect me across             the continents. India lies open
on my desktop, a portal to your           world, and I am Alice, falling
through a new-fangled                         looking glass,
an open door to your day                    already lived,
into your stories and songs                 already slightly warped
                           through this odd wrinkle in time.

Mary Sexson is the author of 103 in the Light, Selected Poems 1996-2000 (Restoration Press), nominated for a Best Books of Indiana award in 2005, and co-author of Company of Women, New and Selected Poems (Chatter House Press). Her poems have appeared in the Flying Island, Borders Insight Magazine, Tipton Poetry Journal, Grasslands Review, New Verse News, and others, and in several anthologies, including The Globetrotter’s Companion (UK, 2011),Trip of a Lifetime (2012), Reckless Writing (2013), A Few Good Words (2013), The Best of Flying Island (2015), and most recently Words and Other Wild Things (2016). She has upcoming work in HoosierLit Literary Magazine (May 2017).