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Sagan Dalya, a poem by Logan Garner

Sagan Dalya

There they are:

leaves drifting listless

in a steel sink.

A kind of rhododendron tea,

not at all the same as the 

toxic variety blooming

in arboreal chains along

this north coast.

“Sagan Dalya” in Buryat.

What an obscure bit of nature

to have infiltrated my damp

sea-blown cottage, and so

distant from its home among

high and arid and rocky soils.

How strange to be so dislocated.

How tragic to travel so far

finally to arrive, only to

drown as refuse in a basin

crowded by so much cold 

glass and unfriendly gray water.

Logan Garner lives in Astoria, Oregon, but Indiana's glacier lakes, wetlands, southern wooded hills, and its tilled-row fields remain close to his heart. They founded and persist in his love of nature. His work has been published in journals and anthologies, including three poems recently featured in the Kneeland Center for Poetry’s The Elevation Review. His first collection of poetry, Here, in the Floodplain, has been accepted by Plan B Press and is slated for publication this spring.