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Flying Island Journal 3.22

Dear Flying Island Readers:

Welcome to the 3.22 Edition of the Flying Island Journal! We have three contributors in poetry.

The three poems in this issue of Flying Island reflect on varieties of injustice and human exploitation. Martin DeAgostino's "Sweep" speaks to the unnatural sorrow of political oppression and sexism. Tom Probasco's "Cleaning Out the Shed" recognizes that racism arises ironically from the deep spiritual darkness of the oppressor. And Steve Faye's "The Experiment" reminds us of the need to acknowledge the unique humanity of another, beyond any other purpose or agenda.

We hope you enjoy this issue. Send us your submissions. Submissions info can be found in the tab above. Looking forward to reading your work!

Thank you for reading,
Flying Island Poetry Editor & Readers

Martin DeAgostino, "Sweep"
Tom Probasco, "Cleaning Out the Shed"
Steve Fay, "The Experiment"

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