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Pushcart Award Nominations 2020

Indiana Writers Center is honored to provide a platform for writers from Indiana or with strong ties to Indiana through our literary journal the Flying Island, and through our publishing imprint INWords. Each year we support the writers we publish by submitting their works to the Pushcart Prizes.

This year we submitted the following works for consideration of the Pushcart Prize Anthology. The Pushcart Prize celebrates writing published by small presses.

Prose from What Was and What Will Be: Life in the Time of COVID-19

Leah Lederman, “My Bleeding Heart”
Ania Spyra, “…But Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars”

Poetry from the Flying Island

David J. Bauman, “Home”
Laurel Smith, “Loaded”
Bethany Brengan, “Kitchen Romance”
Roger Pfingston, “Pausing for Beauty”