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My Favorite Pen Pal of the Deepest Strokes, a poem by Distinctly Unique

My Favorite Pen Pal of the Deepest Strokes 
                           by Distinctly Unique

He stuck    his pen in   me                 deep 

I bout fell over on his hard ceramic floor He left his impressionable mark y'all I 
never felt anything like      that         before 

Now     mama told me this would happen one day    Mama told me no matter what
he say   don't     get      entranced   cuz he from a school you 
could only imagine exists  
And even with Mama's words swirling through my head   I couldn't help  but
clench   my   fists  
hold    mybreath& enjoy his ride of bubble lettered X's and O's 
We wrote all night long 
I'm surprised his bed still has springs in it the way we bounced off each other radiating heatsweatdrippingeverywhere his     pen    still    deep 
inside me  myfists barely holding on tothesheets that no longer fit    Mymind so   
relaxed   and gone into his train of thoughts      I could tell I was losing   myself    to 
him       the doctor whose medicine I didn't mindbeing  injected intomysoul 
We wrote over and over     changing positions On top     bottom backandforth curiosity taking us on journeys we never thought               we'd have a chance to travel to
His voice barely in a whisper  
Makes my body quiver more than it has all night  
He leans even closer to my highlighted golden face and says we should                 do this more often  

I hear Mama's words in the background 
I see her sitting across this dark room of scents she once participated in when she 
first met my daddy when they first fell in love     I see her sitting in that red and 
black chair shaking her head saying 
I told you so       I tried 
 And with one last look at his dark   brown    crystal eyes      I say    it's               time and hop on for one       last     write 

Distinctly Unique is a choreo-poet, ghost writer, voice actor, performing artist, spoken word artist, private ESL instructor, online 6th-8th grade math instructor, and founder/owner of Dunique LLC. from East Chicago and Gary Indiana. She is a Creative Writing graduate from Purdue University, with minors in African-American Studies, Communication, Dance, Spanish, & Theater. Distinctly Unique is working on, producing/acting in her first choreopoem, "Fly Blackbird Fly/ Voices we can't unhear." In her free time, Distinctly Unique travels the world, attends local arts events and produces content for the DL Power Couple Podcast with her partner, Mr. Dominique Shelby. Distinctly Unique is dedicated to connecting the world and celebrating our differences. Check out to keep up with her services, future works, and performances. You can also find her on Instagram @duniqueconnects ; snapchat @duniquellc ; Facebook @ Distinctly Unique ; Twitter @duniquellc