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The Dragon and the Wolf, a poem by Maria Pizzo

The Dragon and the Wolf
by Maria Pizzo

I want to believe I met a wolf in my past life.
I want to believe he wasn’t a figment of my imagination.
In a world with so little, missing genuine love,
I want to believe his arms that held me were real.

Have you ever been so alone
that the walls begin to talk?
Buying into lies,
philosophizing the woken lonely nights?

I want to believe what he told me was true.
I want to believe that balance sustains life.
Where everything is nothing,
and nothing is everything,
the absence of all is so much in itself.

Have you ever been so wrapped up in someone
that you shrink down to nothing?
Feeling like your existence has ceased,
finding peace in the silence, hoping never to return?

I want to believe he was real for my sake and his. 
Hidden away, menacing face, completely unapproachable,
desperate for love. 

Out of the cloud of delusion,
I know the sky is painted and music is artificial.
I know love is temporary
and that wolves don’t speak truths.

I know I’m alone
holding a pillow in the dark
as hyperventilation steals the air.

Imaginary fire orange dragon,
you were alone at the beginning.
You’re alone, and it’s the end.

From Maria Pizzo: “I am from Metro Detroit, Michigan. I am a junior at Ball State University pursuing Telecommunications and Creative Writing. Although most of my college work has been with film production, I recently interned through the Indiana Writers Center for the Building a Rainbow summer program.”