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Farewell Fanfare in B Minor, a poem by Tim Heerdink

Farewell Fanfare in B Minor
by Tim Heerdink 

All the horns blow simultaneously in tune
for the ones being marched to a still moment.
Let the singers serenade with their swan songs
while the majority pray that wood can triumph over flame.
The Sun shall rise on the very last day,
waving its rays to welcome Earth and its terminal inhabitants.
Hell, the birds may decide to whistle as well in rejoice.

I’ve heard one network has an orchestral broadcast
set to play
Nearer, My God, to Thee
when the sky begins to fall.
It’s also been said that a band used the same hymn
to calm the doomed
who couldn’t escape the Titanic.
Someone must have taken note
and thought it not their time to depart.

Surely, there’ll be others running from Death
or glued to the silver screens as often is the case,
watching overpaid suits quickly lose their thought process
as pools of perspiration mixed with tears blind them from the present.

There’s no hiding from the dark angel forever.
Instead of joining in the looting and chaos,
my plan is to embrace my girls
and let the Tchaikovsky vinyl sooth us,
knowing there’s no place I’d rather be.

Tim Heerdink is the author of Red Flag and Other Poems (Bird Brain Publishing, 2018) and the short story “The Tithing of Man.” He also has poems published in Poetry Quarterly, the Fish Hook, Shared Words, Distinct Voices, The Eye of the Storyteller, and On Earth As It Is in Poetry.