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The Blooms, a poem by Shawn Chase

The Blooms
by Shawn Chase

Smoke ‘em
Crackling strings
Aroma filling my ears
Staccato flame burning
Velvety plume vibrating in the air
Choking my sensibilities
Beautiful daggers slicing me open
Writhing chills coalesce upon my skin
Orgasmic agony screams out from within
Complacency stands staunchly without
Suddenly I forget where I am
My identity frozen in the inhalation
Suspended in the lungs of plucked metallic wire
Waiting to resonate once again
Blessed are the trapped moments
Discovering solace
Recognizing malice
Releasing pent-up scorn
Dispensed to purity
Behold the blooms

Shawn Chase is a pharmacist living in Indianapolis. He says he is a product of the love and compassion surrounding him. More of his writing can be found at