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A Wordy Sonnet, a poem by Jo Barbara Taylor

A Wordy Sonnet

by Jo Barbara Taylor

He finds his words in ink drawn with pen,
wordy landscape by Monet, still life
of Vermeer, a portrait painted in wordspin
wording the scene with pigment, palette knife.
Iamb here, trochee there, word-
smithing watchwords for a poet's eye and ear,
the writer draws his sword, fences. Verb
and noun, footwork to word the image clear.
Jousting beckons the word-shy muse.
The poet sketches, wordplay in tone and shade,
discovers rhyme and meter in crossword clues.
Words become ballad, ode, aubade,
or sonnet, fourteen strokes, words emerging.
The work of art comes in rewording.

Jo Barbara Taylor lives in North Carolina, but is an Indiana farm girl at heart. Her poems and academic writing have appeared in journals, magazines, anthologies and online. How to Come and Go (Chatter House Press 2016) is her fourth book. She leads poetry-writing workshops through Duke Continuing Education, chairs the workshop committee for the North Carolina Poetry Society, and coordinates a poetry reading series for a Raleigh independent bookstore.