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Stella Rosa, a poem by Chrysa Keenon

Stella Rosa
by Chrysa Keenon

Why does the poison
Make my words flow easier?
The burn through my veins is like
the lightning of God
cursing me with the pain all humanity has wrought
I hate the feeling
but the elixir makes me see stars
Dancing across my skin, like when you’re around.
If I could touch one, I would
crush it into my bones
and make it part of me, not letting it
flow away in the morning
like my dreams of you.

Bio: Chrysa Keenon is a student at Taylor University, studying Professional Writing. She has been published in various newspapers and magazines, including Changes in Life, The Echo, The Fictional Cafe, and Evangelical Church Libraries. She spends the time she is not writing reading and perfecting her knitting skills.