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Winter Meditation, a poem by Mary Redman

Winter Meditation
by Mary Redman

Cross-legged on a cool rubber mat, I sit
intent on clearing thoughts, pull breath
in, begin to count ...

Outside a flock of starlings
scarcely colors the brown-gray morning.
Their wings beat, hold them hovering
over three spiky shrubs, denuded
beyond the window. Unfazed by the cold
metal shepherd’s crook and glass tube,
four land on a feeder, half-filled with seed.
A dozen more vie for a spot, their cries more
shrieks than trills. I release my breath.
Responding, they fly, and I pass through
with them beguiled toward the flat sky.

About Mary Redman: She is a retired high school English teacher who takes classes at the Indiana Writers Center. She works part time supervising student teachers for two universities. She volunteers at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and elsewhere in the community.