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Puck, a poem by Chrysa Keenon

by Chrysa Keenon

Wander away with me,
Don’t let them call you back and
Take my hand, little lamb.
I can show you where the magic lies,
In the green puffs of smoke and haunting tones
Listen to me, love me,
Breathe me; 
I might 
Bite and hold firm.
But you’re mine now.
My prisoner of delight.
I can make you bloom like a flower,
Help you see galaxies untouched by mortal men
Dance with me, you will feel
No pain or worry
Inhale and
Let me into your blood
And soon you will be part of me, too.

Bio: Chrysa Keenon is a student at Taylor University, studying Professional Writing. She has been published in various newspapers and magazines, including Changes in Life, The Echo, The Fictional Cafe, and Evangelical Church Libraries. She spends the time she is not writing reading and perfecting her knitting skills.