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Winter Concert, a poem by Terry Ofner

Winter Concert

                                        for Johanna

A youth in black stands at his rack of bells,
rocking slightly back and forth—a bird
on a wire in sway to the dreadnought
drone of a horn. He lifts a mallet

just in time, taps a single B flat
that sends the sparrow clarinets into an air
of important duties and tasks. All the while
a warm front moves north into the suburbs,

raising up a countryside of mist and fog—
measure after measure of silent timpani thunder
felt underfoot by concert goers everywhere.
They step into the white dark, a people blinking

into a new creation, waking to that anvil note
that bore them in her rocking lap.

          —by Terry Ofner

Bio: Terry Ofner grew up in Iowa not far from the Mississippi River. He holds degrees from the University of Iowa, where he attended the undergraduate Iowa Writer's Workshop in poetry. He is currently an editor for an educational publishing company. He has published poems in World Order, 100 Words, Eclectica, and Right Hand Pointing. His poem "Mama Carving" won first place in the Interboard Poetry Community Contest, January 2015 (Ned Balbo, judge). He is drawn to themes of nature and family and is working on his first collection of poems.