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Hello, America, I'm Here, a song lyric by Luke Austin Daugherty

Hello America, I’m Here
by Luke Austin Daugherty

Verse 1: Well, I salute you Lady of the Bay— What more could I say— The first generation on a free man’s soil— How could I ask for more

Chorus: Does a cup of coffee taste better over here— And is music that much sweeter to the ear— Oh, and you get more days in a year— Well hello, America, I’m here

V2: And I ain’t speakin’ the language so good— I’m just a choppin’ it up, like I’m choppin’ wood— But if you listen to my heart, you’ll get what I mean— I’m just livin’ the American dream

Bridge: All the colors here— They’re like a painting so fine— And the taste of a vintage wine

V3: My wife and baby son are still overseas —I hope to have him here by the time that he turns three— Until then, I’ll be working in high gear— Hey, hey, hello… America, I’m here.

Play chorus 2x

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