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A poem from R E Ford

Thick Hair
by R E Ford

It’s thick—internalize it please.
In the nature of you it becomes you.
In its tangled mane and darkness,
you arrive looking in a mirror.

Those dour hours of retreat;
those seconds of freedom on Friday;
I watch the hair move a new way,
some secret we entwine in.

Blackness first then the age of color,
highlights shriek age and dignity.
I study it nonchalantly.
It suits the mood that you incline.

Somewhere in this poem was you
as the hair repels so many unlike.

Bio: “I live in Brownsburg. I've been writing poetry for quite some time. I enjoy reading over writing, but with the accumulation of ideas comes the want to form my own and place them somewhere. My first name is just the letter R. There are many myths surrounding that name, and altogether I like to have several stories circulating about it at once. I work at UPS and attend classes at Ivy Tech. I have six poems going into The New Voices, the literary journal.”